Min2Tray - readme

_v1.7.9, 2011/10/11

_minimize a window to system tray area of taskbar as icon.
 BossKey feature for minimizing several windows at once.
 make window always-on-top and maximize window vertically
 or horizontally. StartupMinimize hides certain windows
 upon start of Min2Tray. and much more!

_requires ms windows nt/2000/xp/vista/7/8/10 or newer.

_licensed under the terms of the GPLv3
 created by Junyx / KTC^brain in June 2005

_file list:
   Min2Tray.exe  - standalone application
   Min2Tray.ahk  - AutoHotkey script for your pleasure (-> AutoHotkey.com)
   License.txt   - GPLv3, license Min2Tray is released under
   Changelog.txt - logfile showing all the nice improvements (aka "manual")
   Readme.txt    - currently reading this thing, stupid!
   Future.txt    - let me be your personal fortune teller
   UserMenu-Examples.reg.txt - registry examples of how to (ab)use UserMenu

_look into Min2Tray.ahk and especially Changelog.txt for info :-)

_always get the latest and best release from:
   (ping me here if you have any comments or suggestions)
   (homepage of Min2Tray)


thanks for using and don't bother me with bug-reports because...
"It's not a bug - it's a hidden feature!"


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