Current beta of Min2Tray (v1.7.10.beta2)

This is the current beta version of Min2Tray v1.7.10, AHK script and executable. You may download and test it. For the AHK script to work you will need the AutoHotkey script interpreter installed on your computer. The executable works on its own.

If you're looking for a stable program to use rather go to Min2Tray for a download.

/!\ This is beta software. Do not complain if it breaks your computer or neck. /!\

Date of this beta




List of changes since latest release version
+ Hotkey for shading a.k.a. roll up of window integrated
+ Hotkey for NoTaskbarButton integrated
* refactored code introducing function f_CheckButton() with many
  case distinctions for the different versions of windows
+ mouse hotkey for roll-up, a-o-t

+ refine f_CheckButton() for windows 7,vista

Memorable experiences a.k.a. Betas to keep for reference

This beta 12 of Min2Tray v1.7.8 was the last to include a French translation and the (un-)famous "one hotkey per window (OHPW)"-feature. OHPW made it possible to minimize and un-minimize a window with the same hotkey. due to problems with inter-process communication and the lack of a proper user interface for hotkey assignment this feature was dropped from release.

Solutions to common problems/questions

{OK} Since v1.7.8 there's a checkbox for this feature in the preferences dialog of the minimized window: "Eliminate left over button from task bar.", so this is old news:
Using evil class substitution feature of Min2Tray for the program "40tude Dialog" (as example application). 40tude Dialog uses several windows on screen. AutoHotkey and thus Min2Tray grabs the wrong window and does minimize it, resulting in a remaining button of 40tude in the task bar. To circumvent this, one can tell Min2Tray to grab the right window for minimizing by stating an "evil class" to be substituted by the right one. Here is the example registry file to be imported into windows registry for 40tude Dialog: 40tude_Dialog-m2t.reg

Example application support

How to setup MediaMonkey to utilize CustomMinHotkey and UserMenu (entries in tray menu). With pictures! Download: examples-MediaMonkey.7z

Helper/tools for diagnosis

WinInfo.ahk retrieves info about all currently open windows (logfile format for forum posts). Start WinInfo.ahk, open the desired window and hit Win+Alt+w to trigger WinInfo. Notepad will start presenting some interesting info (at least for me :-) ). Download:

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